Celebration keepsakes, paper purses and party favors for those most memorable moments!

About Me

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​"This is my escape from this crazy world we live in while still getting paid and without leaving the comfort of my home."

Ondria Williams- Handmade Designer, Owner and Creator of Whatevertheoccasion.net
"Whatever the Occasion is what I call my dream hobby of being able to create a keepsake for someone that will represent
that memorable moment in their life that was worth celebrating!"
"My definition of an occasion is any celebration, whether it's a named holiday or popular event or something going on in your life
that includes hugs, laughs or happy tears ... gifts ,food or champagne cheers .....it's worth celebrating! Whatever the Occasion!
I am a originally from The Bronx in New York. Lived in Throggs Neck Projects. Moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1997. I been married for 13 yrs
and still counting. We had a 15 yr old daughter, Jordan, whom I get to mentor while I work my crafts. She also has the knack for creating. Crafting has been a hobby
of mine since I was a little girl.
I've hosted and planned countless baby showers and birthdays parties and few weddings.
it's a god giving talent that I truly enjoy and my mind is at ease while I'm doing it.